Maybe you’re thinking …

  • What’s it mean to be saved?

  • Why should I be baptized?

  • Should I become a member?

What’s it mean to be saved?

You’re likely wondering, “saved? saved from what?”

It’s actually pretty simple. We all need saved from the consequences of sin (wrong things we do or things we neglect to do). Just like when someone breaks the law, there are consequences: pay a fine, lose driving privileges, spend time in jail—or the worst of all, the death penalty.

God, being the ultimate in perfection, decides what our penalty will be for our sins. When you consider how often we sin, do things wrong, even if it were one time a day (and it’s actually many more), let’s look at the numbers. Let’s be generous—you live to your 80th birthday. If you sinned only one time a day, that’s 29,200 sins. If you only sinned three times a day, 87,600 sins. What would you expect from a judge in a courtroom if you were charged just the 29,200? There’s not enough time for us to serve to pay that penalty. We simply don’t have the capability.

So who does? Jesus. God’s perfect Son. Not only could He, but He wanted to.

Why should I be baptized?

It helps us identify with Jesus and what He did for us. It was commanded.

Should I become a member?

Absolutely. Just like you, we love having our family around.